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Economic Perspectives was founded in 1996 by Dr Peter Warburton. Since 2006, the company has employed staff and has grown to become a 12-person team.

Economic Perspectives is an independent global macro-economic consultancy, serving clients in the financial and media sectors in North America, Europe and Asia. Following extensive research and empirical analysis over 25 years, we believe that global credit market developments hold the key to understanding the outlook for the global economy and financial markets. Our clients benefit from the breadth and depth of this understanding and its application to investment issues.

Our research approach recognises insights from across the spectrum of economic thought, guided by the topical concerns of global investors. We hold counter-consensus views on the outlook for inflation, preferring a narrative that embraces the challenges of political economy and inter-generational tensions as well as macro-monetary forces.

The plurality of Economic Perspectives recognises that diagnosis is strengthened by examining a problem from multiple angles. Using diverse strands of argument and analysis, we aim to stress-test mainstream macro-economic views and to provide valuable and thought-provoking insights for clients. As an example, we developed a diagram to represent the impact of unconventional monetary policies on the risk-reward trade-off for investors. This was presented at an investment conference to explain how investors targeting an unchanged real rate of return have been ushered into progressively higher-risk assets.

Our research agenda is shaped by conversations with our clients and information providers, leading to timely examinations of the issues of greatest concern to financial market practitioners. Our eclectic approach allows us to draw insights from divergent schools of economic thought (such as Austrian, Monetarist, New Keynesian). The litmus test of a good idea is its empirical validity and relevance to contemporary issues and debates. The critical insights of Claudio Borio and his BIS colleagues regarding the superiority of gross financial flows over net financial flows as explanations of external imbalances is an illustration. We present our work in plain English, illustrated with charts and tables.

Our research output encompasses a number of regular written publications, which form the basis of our subscription business. They include our flagship publications, Global Inflation Perspective and Global Credit Perspective, each produced four times per year. In these publications we seek to develop rich narratives that enhance understanding of the underlying forces at work in the global economy.

The main purpose of our publications is to challenge orthodox thinking, where this is merited, and to develop a better and broader understanding of the issues of greatest concern to investment managers. We do not provide a running commentary on high frequency data, much of which is unreliable and subsequently revised. Rather, our research is intended to address fundamental issues and broader themes. We also produce six UK Economic Perspectives per year; in this publication we explore in more depth the issues affecting the United Kingdom.

From January 2016 we supplemented our range of publications with the North American Economic Perspective and the Eurozone Economic Perspectives. The monthly Research Digest publication is a concise summary of the month’s publications and an outlet for some shorter research articles. The Global Inflation Heat Maps are a monthly visual representation of the evolving inflationary pressures across various sectors in the world’s largest economies.


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