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At Economic Perspectives, we appreciate that our Research Partners have diverse appetites for thematic insights and research ideas, and differing capacities to engage with our research output. Engagement implies interaction, and we value every opportunity to understand the questions and conundrums that our Research Partners are grappling with. These interactions help to shape our research agenda and hence the content of our publications.

The table below shows the different levels of partnership on offer, from Platinum to Gold to Silver. We also have Bespoke Partners, for whom we undertake specific and exclusive research projects or writing assignments. We aim to offer a unique and flexible service dedicated to meet your standards and requirements.

Platinum Gold Silver Bespoke


Platinum partners are entitled to frequent onsite meetings or dedicated conference calls, all publications, research archive access, research insight presentations, seminar invitations and private lunches with our chief economist Dr Peter Warburton. Platinum partners are welcome to submit ad hoc requests and to suggest items for our research agenda.

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The gold partnership includes three onsite meetings or dedicated conference calls per year, with full access to our publications and our research archive. Gold partners are entitled to an additional research insight presentation each year, invitations to seminars and private lunches with Peter Warburton.

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Silver partnership is intended as a minimum level of engagement with our research agenda, but with the flexibility to add on some of the other elements of the service. The table shows the basic level of engagement but silver partners are encouraged to tailor the package to meet their requirements. This more flexible arrangement will be provided with an agreed upfront cost with the option to upgrade to gold or platinum partner at a first-year discounted rate.

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Economic Perspectives has carried out numerous bespoke assignments for our research partners over the years, covering a wide spectrum of global macro topics and projects. We’ve tackled assignments on the US auto finance sector, the China over-investment thesis, the macro outlook for Canada and the impact of negative interest rates on European financial institutions. We also write regular articles and essays on global macro and investment themes for the exclusive use of our Research Partners. If you would like to see a sample report, please get in touch. Become a Research Partner with Economic Perspectives today.

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